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We offer a superior respondent experience and detailed growth-oriented survey insights.

About Us

Consistency and Clarity

After a decade of being the bridge between people and organizations looking to grow based on real-world feedback, we founded FlashField to address the issues faced by respondents and companies around the world.

Too often, people with invaluable experience to share miss out on lucrative opportunities to earn extra income simply because the process becomes complicated, lacks clarity, is too slow, or feels unreliable. Companies in turn lose out on insights based on credible information.

Our mission is to keep it simple: we make it easier for people to find and complete trustworthy surveys. Respondents receive fast payouts for their inputs, while companies can enjoy the benefits of an active and engaged panel.

What we do:

Quick and Focused

surveys for patients

Bringing end-users and patient-respondents paid opportunities to share their experiences.

surveys for hcps

Offering Health Care Providers paid opportunities to share their insight and know-how.

market research

Connecting organizations with authentic data to make informed decisions

recruitment for interviews

Identifying appropriate candidates for research interviews, designing and conducting Q&A sessions

recruiTment for marketing research

Identifying verified candidates across the globe to further marketing research

panel management and coordination

Enabling global organizations to create and conduct surveys with ease