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We offer a superior respondent experience and detailed, growth-oriented services to companies.

About Us

Consistency & Clarity

FlashField bridges the gap between respondents with experience to share and the companies who value their input.

By balancing the needs of our clients with the best interests of our respondents, both parties benefit from our services and commitment to excellence.

We believe valuable experiences should not go unnoticed, and organizations should have access to credible insights for informed decision-making.

We are dedicated to focusing on the best experience for our diverse respondent base of individuals and healthcare professionals.

Why FlashField

Earn extra income while sharing your experiences. We make it easier for respondents to find and participate in trustworthy surveys.

Our respondent experience ensures clarity, simplicity, and prompt payouts for their valuable input. 

‍Connect with a global network of respondents to collect authentic feedback. 

Our platform facilitates market research, interview recruitment, and data-driven insights, helping organizations make informed decisions based on credible information.


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“I've had the opportunity to take a few surveys, and have found this to be a fun and interesting thing to do! I enjoy giving my feedback, hoping that it will benefit others now or in the future. The online systems have been easy to access from my phone. When follow-up was required, a quick phone call or phone interview was scheduled and conducted professionally.”
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Anonymous, Respondent
November 2022
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“Over the last year I have been periodically solicited by Flashfield to participate in surveys in my field of interest. I have found them to better than many of the other surveys I have done by other sites. The surveys by Flashfield have been better organized with cogent queries that demand some thinking prior to just a gut answer. This has been rewarding at least for me and I am sure other participants have found the same. In addition, I have found that the financial compensation is about the same as other sites but what is important is that the payment is more often more rapid in its delivery. This is beneficial in that there is no to worry about when the payment will come. It is obviously much appreciated.”
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E.J.S., MD
December 2022
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“My husband and I participated in research marketing for FlashField, and it was an incredibly positive experience. Ever team member with whom we interacted was professional and knowledgeable. The hour-long interview was actually fun, and they paid well for an hour of my time. The payment was prompt, arriving in just a few weeks after my session. I highly recommend participating in opportunities with FlashField!”
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Ashley M., Respondent
December 2022
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“The interview was quick and easy. I immediately felt at ease and the interviewer was compassionate patient and understanding. It was so simple and I felt like I helped make a difference. It was also really nice to receive a check in the mail so soon just for sharing about my medical issue with the hopes of helping someone in the future.”
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Kari H., Respondent
January 2023
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“Payment has been quick and accurate, as described up front. I highly recommend participating in these surveys!”
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Maureen S., Respondent
January 2023

Anna Tyuneva

FlashField surveys provide me with an income stream I can count on every month


Mykola Dunayev

I never have to worry about getting halfway through and finding out I’m not eligible. My time and inputs feel valued.


Nastya Kozarchuk

I love how easy FlashField makes it to find a survey I am eligible for. It’s so simple to complete and submit!


Deborah Garcia

FlashField lets me find surveys quickly. I love that I can take them from anywhere.


Dr. A. Calloway

It's great to be able to participate in research at our convenience.


OptiBrand Rx

The FlashField team is great to work with. From beginning to end, the entire process has been fast and thorough.

What we do:

Quick and Focused

surveys for patients

Bringing end-users and patient-respondents paid opportunities to share their experiences.

surveys for hcps

Offering Health Care Providers paid opportunities to share their insight and know-how.

market research

Connecting organizations with authentic data to make informed decisions

recruitment for interviews

Identifying appropriate candidates for research interviews, designing and conducting Q&A sessions

recruiTment for marketing research

Identifying verified candidates across the globe to further marketing research

panel management and coordination

Enabling global organizations to create and conduct surveys with ease